Preparing For A Session


=my happy place

In 2019, I made some big changes in my studio space! I wanted to create a spot for families to be photographed together and feel comfortable and relaxed. The studio is a unique place. A photography studio dressed as a home! A simple, comfy space to capture your growing family, a spot for NOT posing! However you describe it, it is wonderful and you should come check it out. For a tour of our space through pictures, click on the Studio Tour tab above!

The studio is located in my home at 

2457 North 63rd Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Parking is located along the East side of our street, look for the white and gray house with a wood porch! The side entrance on the left side of the house is perfect to walk right into the studio! 


When choosing what to wear, keep this is mind- what you wear does matter but not as much as your family connecting and having fun together during our time. 

Now that you have that in mind, start here: 

Where will you be displaying these images? Keeping your personal style and family room color scheme in mind when styling your family is a great place to start. You only need to worry about dressing adults and any older siblings involved in a session. New babies will be wrapped up in things that I have here ready at the studio! You and your husband need to wear different colors. When dressing children, avoid clothing with characters or words on the front. My very best suggestion, “shop” Pinterest for your look, my favorite search is “family portrait photography” and you’ll be in styling heaven. Next -> a list of a few of my favorite clothing vendors...


Gap, Old Navy, ASOS, H&M, Altar’d State, Free People, Buckle, Banana Republic, Fillyboo, Three Bird Nest, Homebody (in person, local shop)

For children-

Gap, Old Navy, Shop James, Rylee and Cru, Kate Quinn, H&M, Joyfolie, Zara, Fin and Vince. Wild Wren (in person, local shop)

Client Closet

Beginning this winter, we will have a client closet available! SO excited about this idea! Let me know if you are interested in borrowing styled clothing for your upcoming session. We can have a mini studio shopping date! 

Getting Your Baby Ready


Give your baby a nice warm bath before our session. If your baby's new umbilical cord stump has not fallen off, follow your pediatricians directions and only wash your baby's hair before our session. Freshly washed and brushed hair always looks adorable on your new babe. For older siblings involved in a session, a bath the day before is totally fine. We can always wipe up those messy kid snack faces as we go!


Feeding a new baby is a source of stress for so many parents! Don't worry about this aspect of preparation, feed your baby when they are ready before the session and we can stop the session at any time to feed when baby is hungry again! For older siblings involved in a session, have plenty of snacks on hand in your magic diaper bag.


All those baby needs! That can be overwhelming to pack for, so here's a little list of things you might need to help.

Diapers, wipes, feeding needs- bottle, formula, extra baby pajamas, favorite pacifier. I have extras of most of these things to share with you if you forget!